The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a University or College That is Right for You

Choosing a college/university is one of the most important decisions high school students all over the world have to make. By this time, you have prepped and completed SAT, worked hard to maintain an average, researched schools and programs. I remember thinking that all those things were the hardest part (except the SAT because I […]

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What You Need To Know Before Your Trip to Venice

Are you planning a trip to Venice soon? or have you been thinking about going for some time? Although Venice is currently facing a devastating flood, I was very blessed to have visited it this summer and I would recommend a trip to Venice to anyone.

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5 Tips To Stay Positive When The Job Hunt Seems Never-Ending

follow my blog in Bloglovin It wasn’t that long ago that I was experiencing the job hunt struggles  and I know how difficult it can be to pick yourself up after not getting a job, not finding one or like me getting let go. Finding a job is difficult but don’t let that stop you from […]

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