The Elephant: What The Symbol Did For Me and What It Can Do For You

My love for the elephant started from a young age when I went to Montessori school and the teacher (who I love dearly) told me about elephants being killed for their tusks. You might be thinking “why is the teacher telling a 6 year old such a horrible thing?” but without her I wouldn’t be as aware of the world as I am today. I think I am like this because she told us the truth about culture, war, animals and different religions (but most importantly to have respect for them and for the world). I was horrified by this discovery, so I asked “why would they kill such a beautiful, strong and smart animal?” and she answered “because of those 3 things you just said, it is too beautiful not to want it for yourself, it is too strong not to want to boast about the fact that you have destroyed it and it is too smart to be on the same planet as us. That’s how people view them, humans are intimidated by it.” she continued on with the story and about when she lived in India as a little girl how she saw people take elephants into the village but never out. At the end of our conversation on the carpet, she looked at me and said “you are like the elephant. You are smart and wise, strong and loyal, caring and passionate, and you always forgive but never forget. Throughout life, people will try to take your tusks but you promise yourself that you will not let them and that you will fight to use your voice and keep your wisdom and will”.

It symbolizes strength and leadership, no other animal on land is as strong as an elephant. It carries itself with pride and uses its wisdom/ intellect to think all decisions through. It remembers everything, it’s memory is it’s the greatest power because it can remember if someone is friend or foe. It all symbolizes patients which I tend to lack but I hope that one day I may posses it.

CYMERA_20160518_104114My dad told me a story years later. The circus came to town and always brought a giant a majestic elephant that weighed 2,700kg. After the show was over the ringmaster took the elephant to animal tent, tied a thick piece of rope around it’s foot, on the other end of the rope was a wooden stake about 5 inches long. The ring master hammered the stake in the ground and left. The elephant stood there and did not move. My dad then asked me “if the elephant is so strong and mighty why doesn’t he just get up and take 2 steps and pull the stakeout of the ground and trample everyone at the circus?” I shrugged. My dad looked at me and stated that the elephant could not do this because when he was little and tried to pull the stake out he couldn’t do it cause he was not strong enough so he just gave up. “At one point the elephant looked down at his feet and lifted his one foot slightly off the grown and the stake came out. He couldn’t believe that he had done it”. Remember the elephant he said.

The elephant could free himself because he believed in himself, and it is important to believe in your strengths, work on your weaknesses and take chances.

For my birthday I got and elephant necklace and bracelet charm. It will remind me the significance of the elephant in my life and hopefully deliver some good feng shui.

What does the elephant mean to you? What animal brings you good luck? I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it was a little long but i enjoyed writing it!

~Ciao, Donatella

5 thoughts on “The Elephant: What The Symbol Did For Me and What It Can Do For You

  1. Wow! i really love what you have written. I definitely will try to relate more to the Elephant! When I was younger my animal was a Wolf because they were strong and in a pack or even alone could get through anything! Keep up the good work and have a good day.

    || Brad

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  2. I loved this!! 😍Its very relatable…It was just last week I gifted my best friend an elephant keychain and I have the same one too. I told him, “We both were like elephants. Strong. Loyal. Rogue at times. Happy creatures with exceptional qualities. Known for our endurance. If life let’s you down, Remember, we were Elephants. We are the strongest creatures on Earth” 😊😊 He almost cried, the poor guy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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