Journal #7: Relationships Are Like Coffee

“Everyone has their own taste”

In high school the amount of relationships that I see come and go are the equivalent to the amount of Instagram follower Kim Karadashian has (51.3 million if you were wondering). It has gotten to the point that me and some girls at my lunch table will bet how long some will last “2 weeks max!” and “Come on, look at who it is…not even 2”. We don’t do it to be mean, it’s just our way of relieving stress and venting about theses insane incidents.  In honour of my blog and my own obsession with caffeine and coffee, I came to the conclusion that all romantic relationships are like coffee. Everyone has their own taste, there own feeling and first choice (or first time if you will)

High school relationships are equal to instant coffee. Usually the first time you tried coffee it was instant and chances are you added so much milk and sugar you couldn’t even realize it was coffee, but you felt like a grown up because thats what all grown ups do. This same theory applies to love, it’s your first time and it’s something to brag about. You get jolted with the feeling of importance and fulfilment, like coffee makes you feel after a rough night. You walk in with that steaming cup and some how it screams “wow she is drinking coffee”, it’s the same as saying “Yah, we are kind of a thing now” It makes you feel warm and fuzzy but eventually it wears off and the feeling fades. Then your stuck more tired then ever and your back to where you started.

So all in all coffee is like high school relationships, but you need those petty relationships or at least see them to know what a real relationship is, just like you need a crapy cup of coffee to know what a good cup taste likes.

~XOXO Donatella


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