Journal #5: Inside My Mind

Hello everyone, I decided that today I would talk about a place that I would love to be transported to and that is Inside My Mind. Now, you might think “well Donatella, that is stupid considering you know what your mind is like.” Actually, I don’t, but if I did it would be like this

It would smell…

OF COURSE it would smell like coffee, all day everyday, because why not, it’s my mind. Plus coffee is always on my mind (or a chocolate bar).  Occasionally you would get a hint of lemon because I would be thinking something happy, when I was mad my mind would be full of mossy-rainy smell. When I was thinking really hard it would smell of cloves and cinnamon. When I would think very little, it would smell like the beach.

 It would sound like…

Little mums of words and thoughts, sometimes it would be a roar of my voice when I was side tracked or thinking so many things. Other times it would be quite, especially when I would draw a blank on tests or responses.

It would look like…

A big room, wall to wall would be filled of shelves full of books. There would be sections of books full of my memories, types of thoughts, and knowledge. There would be a little door like in Alice in Wonderland and all my thoughts that I want to say will go thought there, fortunately there is a filter for all the things I should not say (those things will be thrown back on the shelves; inside the archives. In the center will be desk with a stationary kit and a type writer, this is where I will create all my thoughts, of course there will be a trash bin for all of the really stupid thoughts. In the corner there would be a gorgeous 17th century inspired couch with beautiful embroidery, I will relax there, when I get frustrated or confused. The walls would be black and white with a big lacy pattern

It would feel like..

Flower petals (that is what the floor tiles would fee like) and feel like cotton on the walls…soft, plush but you can still feel the fiber’s  that makeup the structure. The desk would be sturdy and smooth and the couch would be comfortable like lying on a cloud. Some books will be dusty because they are old or haven’t been touched, others would smell right off the press. The carpet by the couch would be fuzzy and always warm.

I hope you all liked it, See you next time

~XOXO Donatella

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