Journal #3: Embarrassing Moments at My Expense

We all have moments that we are not proud of, you know the ones that your friends bring up at a party or someones else’s experience sparked an embarrassing flash back in your mind. Well I recently had one of those moments with 5 other people, and you are lovely person who gets to hear and laugh about it.

This semester, one of my classes happens to be drama and I really enjoy the class. One day our teacher asked if anyone would be open to seeing a play, so myself and a few others agreed to go. The day of the play happened to also be the day of my groups final Tableaux performance, and as a group we wore all black (I wore leggings and a black t-shirt). After we successfully preformed our tableaux sequence we went to lunch and waited till it was 12:10 to head back to the drama room. As the 5 of us entered the door, we all stopped dead in our tracks, we looked at each other mortified, unfortunately we weren’t given the memo that there was a play dress code and it wasn’t casual Tableaux wear. Everyone was best dressed, in skirts, heels, and dress shirts and we looked like hobos that they found off the street in my winter coat, big scarves and a black beanie to cover my messy hair. I have never bee more embarrassed in my life, I felt so insecure and ashamed. When we were on the bus the 5 of us were quiet, I couldn’t help myself, I started to break the silence with snickers which slowly turned into a loud laughing roar. We all broke into big claps of hysterical noises, we tried to talk in between laughs but that only made us laugh louder, finally at the end of the sequence we all sighed I then spoke “Laughter solves everything…except for dress code failures” all of us laughed again and we knew that we were all suffering through this together. When we got back to school we told everyone our mishap and they couldn’t help but titter a little. I learned 2 lessons that day

1. It’s one thing to be embarrassed, and it’s another to be embarrassed with others

2. Play attire does not consist of dressing like it’s Sunday afternoon

I hope you all enjoy this post. I apologize for being MIA but it’s been a little crazy

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