5 Things I Wish I Knew About Highschool

Hello Everyone, Todays post is 5 things I wish I knew about high school. Before I start I would like to share a bit of background knowledge about myself, I just started high school and even though I was told a lot of helpful tips about how to act, were to sit at lunch and how not to wear you uniform (yes… I have to wear a uniform, UGHHH the Horror!!!) there are some things I wish I was aware of now that I am in highschool.

1. Boy’s get Uglier

I am not going to sugar coat this one. Boys get a hella’ alot more unattractive. Unless you go to high-school with boys that look like they came out of a Hugo Boss advertisement, then you know what I am talking about. To be honest I went into high school with high hopes for guys… unfortunately the out come was a lot lower, i mean there are a few good looking guys but come on! NO body decided to tell me to lower my standards, God! I mean they prepare us for exams and they can’t prepare us for disappointment. i really wish someone told me… it is a cruel and unusual joke.

2.Cliquey Chicky

You know why the movie Mean Girls is so successful? Because it’s TRUE. Well there aren’t any outrageous pranks or girls getting hit by busses, there are cliques and tonnns of them. I knew there were going to be popular people but I didn’t think it was going to be so outrageously filled of ‘bitches that wear pink on Wednesdays’ but I guess drama never sleeps. I just wished someone could have given me a warning or something to let me know that it was going to be this intense. The key to avoid drama is as simple as avoiding the cliques, every now and then I talk to these people but usually if you stay out of their way, they will stay out of yours.

3.Don’t Take Things To Heart

This is more of a serious one. I have been made fun of… everyone has but the one thing I wish someone could have told me it would be this. Already this year I was called “a witch” without makeup and the fact that my “laugh was fucked” and I was upset at this person for a while.. then i realized he was a dumbass. Moving on from these little things would have made my life a bit easier if i would have known.

4. The Work Load

UGHHH! I was told there was going to be a hell of alot of work but not like this. I have 4 hours of homework every night, and half the time I want to pull out my hair. People in the movies have the life of the party in high school but what they don’t show you is the bitchy teacher, the stress acne, the 5 hour study periods ohhh and my favourite the no-time to shower fiasco. I just wish I would have been notified so that I could have cherished my elementary school days.


This goes hand in hand with the last one. I basically have no time for friends, parties and/or school dances but yet people say “have the real high school experience” I’LL GIVE YOU REAL! You have zero time to eat let alone try out for plays or get drunk at a party. I miss the nights were I thought that counting coins at the kitchen table was homework.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post about all the dampers that high school puts on your life… not to leave on a negative note but i thought it was relatable. Untill next time,

~XO Donatella

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